Our Story

We exist to help everyone worried about money. That means helping them stress less and make a plan. Together.

Before we get into the words, here are some numbers. 3 out of every 4 people in the UK have debts. So debt is perfectly normal, but of those 3 people, 2 of them constantly worry about it. That means 50% of us in the UK are stressed about our debts. The worst part is getting help tends to be a last resort - because we’re embarrassed, or worried that it will leave a mark on our record.

That’s where Tully comes in.

We’re here to change the conversation about our debts. Because if most of us are worrying about it, why should it be taboo? Let’s talk about it. Then let’s deal with it.

The Tully way

Breathe in. Breathe out. Here goes…

  1. Start now

    It’s natural to feel like sometimes you’re not in control of your money. But we can help you take back control today. Whatever your situation, get on the front foot and let’s take that first step towards a stress-free future.

  2. Simplify into one place

    Staying on top of all your repayments can be hard, so we bring everything together into one place to build a realistic budget that works for you. All managed on your terms, at the touch of a button.

  3. Get breathing space

    If your budget shows you are under pressure repaying your debts it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We can help get you time and space to breathe and think about next steps by talking to your lenders for you.

  4. Pay in a flexible way

    Repayments on debts are traditionally fixed but we think that can be an unrealistic way of doing things. We can create a personalised repayment plan that flexes around your life and your circumstances.

  5. Feel supported

    It’s easy to feel alone when you’re battling debts – but you’re not. We will build a support network around you, with all the tips, tools and advice you need to stick to your plan.

  6. Set goals for the future

    Debts shouldn’t have to hold you back. Having the right plan means you can look forward. So you’re not just paying your debts back, you’re also planning and saving for the future.

Meet the team

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Mark Onyett


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Stuart Bungay


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Steve Bradford