Taking care of your mental health during the Coronavirus crisis

Apr 13, 2020

We're in scary, uncertain times and for many people it's causing stress, anxiety and affecting mental health.

It’s completely natural for the added pressures of social distancing to be impacting mental and emotional health during this time. If you already struggle your mental health, you might be feeling added pressure and overwhelmed but there are resources available to help you. The NHS has released specific tips for maintaining mental health while staying at home, which can be found here.

There are also many charities and organisations which are still offering support and counselling, with many advising that those who are struggling to keep in contact with friends and loved ones to let them know how they're feeling.

It’s easy to feel powerless right now, but by noticing and tending to your immediate surroundings, it may be possible to ground or distract yourself. Clean the house, find something to do with your hands, find ways to work, find ways to relax, and make sure you’re taking full advantage of your exercise and outdoor time in a day.

For expert support, resources, and advice, please visit one of the following sites:

Rethink Mental Illness - Rethink Mental Illness have a COVID-19 Support Hub with latest updates and top tips to manage your mental health.

Mental Health UK - Mental Health UK have a library of mental health advice and information which is regularly updated.

Mental Health Foundation - The Mental Heath Foundation have tips to help you, your friends and your family look after mental health during this time.

Mind - Mind Mental Health Charity have got practice advice for staying at home, tips to take car of your mental health and support for work, benefits and housing.

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