How to make a face mask

Jun 12, 2020

With lock down rules relaxing, we're now all required to wear facial coverings on public transport. Amid reduced finances and a global shortage of PPE, it's useful to know how to make a face mask at home with things you probably already have around the house.

1. Find a piece of fabric, and two rubber bands.

This can be a scarf, bandana, hankie, or cut off piece of old clothing. It's best if it measures about 20 by 20 inches. You can also use hair ties in place of the rubber bands.

2. First, fold the fabric in half.

3. Now fold the upper third down and the bottom third up.

4. And insert the ends into your rubber bands.

5. Take the ends, and fold them into the middle, tucking one end into the folds of the other.

6. Put the loops over your ears and wear with the folds toward your mouth.