The support lenders and service providers are offering at this time

Mar 22, 2020

We know that Coronavirus is impacting peoples’ lives, and we want to provide you the support you need.

Though different companies may have different policies, here is an overview of what options are available if you’re worried about paying your bills. For specific options, it’s best to contact your providers directly.

Credit Cards

Four out of five major lenders are temporarily waiving fines for missed payments and increasing credit limits. Few are offering payment holidays yet.

If you have been paying more in interest and charges than the balance of your credit card for 18 months, you now have until October 2020 to start repayments, and your card will not be cancelled.


For unsecured loans, you may be able to get a temporary payment break without fees, as long as you talk to your provider. Failure to inform them of your circumstances could result in a default notice.

Some loan providers are also waiving missed payment fees and offering temporary reduced payments. Contact your provider as soon as you can.


The government has announced that if you are up to date with your mortgage payments, you can apply for a three-month mortgage payment holiday. There have also been cuts made to interest rates to protect homeowners who may have to defer payment. Some mortgages are becoming cheaper due to base rate cuts. These changes also cover buy-to-let properties. Contact your mortgage provider for more details.


Emergency legislation is in place to stop landlords from evicting tenants for the next three months. This means they cannot start or complete proceedings against you. The mortgage repayment holidays they’ve been offered are designed to help landlords be more flexible with tenants who are in financial difficulty right now. Speak to your landlord and explain your situation. They may be sympathetic given the circumstances.


Contact your provider and see if you can set up a repayment plan. You may also want to check that your current tariff reflects your needs. If you’re on a pre-paid meter, most providers will send increased emergency credit during this time, and nothing will be shut off.


Contact your provider and tell them your situation. There’s a lot of extra support in place right now, including payment holidays, special schemes, and changing payment plans. No action can be brought against unpaid bills at this time.

Council Tax

The government has increased funding to local councils in the hope that this will allow tenants flexibility if they cannot make their monthly payments. Contact your council and tell them your situation.

Car Finance

There is not yet any legislation in place to help with hire purchase or PCP payments. Speak to your lenders about your situation, and see if you can defer payments for a time. However, this may increase payment amounts in future.

Mobile Phone and Internet Bills

All the major telecoms companies have agreed to support users who are struggling through this crisis. Many mobile providers are offering uncapped data, new packages to keep the most vulnerable connected, and promises not to cut off service in the even of missed payment. However, it’s best to call your provider, explain your situation, and get their specific advice.

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