7 Best Fitness Apps

May 19, 2020

It can be hard to figure out how to stay active right now, especially with so much anxiety about the state of the world. Luckily, technology has been preparing for us all to stay at home for a while, and there are lots of fun, helpful apps that can keep you fit or get you started on a health kick through this time. We’ve compiled the best, free apps to keep you moving, and remember, physical exercise can do wonders for mental health, frustration, and anxiety too.

  1. Yoga for Beginners|Mind + Body

      This is designed to be done from home, is totally free, and allows you to choose which type of yoga you’d like to do. Since it’s built for beginners, it starts gently, and allows you to develop over time and at your own pace.

      You can learn more and download here.

      2. Dance Fitness Lite

        This is a very fun way to work up a sweat and tone muscles from home. This is the free version of a more complex app, but most of the sessions are 20-30 minutes, so easy to try out at home and see if you like it. Video classes are taught be experts in different types of dance (Salsa, Cheer leading, Bollywood, Street ), and many of the styles offer multiple sessions for you to build up and practice.

        You can learn more and download here.

        3. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

        If you’re new to working out, or just looking for a way to kill time in lockdown, this a great app for introducing short, targeted exercises as well as longer, full-body workouts. It’s quick, easy to use, and totally free.

        You can learn more and download here.

        5. Seven

        The seven minute work-out was all the rage a few years ago, but this free app uses those principles to give you quick, easy, home-based workouts that exercise your whole body. You can even work-out with friends, and the app allows you to build your own workout regime as you figure out which exercises you like.

        You can learn more and download here.

        6. Freeletics

        This app is free to download, though for some of the more “premium” elements of the service you do have to pay. That being said, the free app has dozens of five to thirty minute workouts that you can either do from home or on your daily walk. All the workouts are guided through with audio, and you can build up fitness whatever your starting level.

        You can learn more and download here.

        7. Zombies, Run!

        This may not seem tasteful in the middle of a pandemic, but Zombies, Run! Is a free exercise game that puts you in the middle of a story where you’re trying to save humanity while running around a lot. The app takes music from your own playlists and mixes it with audio storytelling. There are four free missions on download, with a new mission able to be unlocked every week. An extremely fun way to forget you’re exercising, and now that we're allowed out a bit more, a great way to help you maintain social distancing.

        You can learn more and download here.

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